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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 15:26


Dear friends: As I prepare to write this Sunday’s sermon, in which God “speaks” to Moses from a burning bush, I think of our United Church of Christ motto, “God is still-speaking.” That got me wondering about what God might be saying to us. On a congregational level, on a personal level, I wonder what God might be saying to us. If the heart of our faith is love, what might God be saying to us about how we are called to love? Is there a particular person, or group of people or an attitude that God is leading us to love or love better? I thought about this for myself and the answer that I got is that as I lead with you, I need to put love first. Love for all of us. Love for each of us. Love for our ministries. Love for the people we serve. Sometimes when groups of people get together, whether large groups or small, we put change or tolerate before love. That is human nature. But I am pretty sure that the nudge to love first is from God. That will be my hope and my challenge. I invite you to share in it. Sometimes putting love first is easy. Sometimes it can be difficult. Sometimes we disagree. Sometimes people micro-manage. Sometimes we have competing interests. We are all human. We are going to delight and annoy. So, as I hear God speak to me as a disciple of Jesus, my call is to love first, in easy times, in difficult times and all the in-between times. May God strengthen us all as we seek to follow the path of Jesus. Pastor Lynn

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