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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 14:55


Dear friends,
Thank you all for the wonderful expressions of sympathy, offers to
help, etc. that came from you as my Dad suffered a fall and proceeded
somewhat slowly to die. Your kindness and compassion truly touched
me and affirmed just what a caring community of faith we have, in all
its extended circles.
I know that death is part of the natural cycle and I trust that in
death, we return to God, the source of life and love. Yet it is also a
time of pain and bittersweet reflection. We, as followers of Jesus and
his path to God, are ultimately people of resurrection. We trust that
love trumps hate and life is stronger than death. Through this mystical
Spirit of Christ, we experience resurrection too. This is seen not only in
whatever we hope happens at our death but in our ability to put one
foot in front of the other and continuing to live, to love, to hope.
Please know that my family is not the only one to grieve at the
moment. Our beloved member, mentor, friend, as well as husband,
father and grandfather to his family, Iver Yeager, also passed in the
last two weeks. I know that expressions of love and sympathy to
Natalee and Ruth and her brothers are well appreciated.
Praying that we may all be kind and gracious to each other and to
this world that needs it.
In God’s peace,
Pastor Lynn

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