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Friday, 02 August 2013 15:25


From the Pastor

One of the spiritual practices that has been practiced from the liberation of the Hebrew slaves from captivity in Egypt is the keeping of sabbath. One of the radical ideas that is foundational in Judaism is that there should be a time to honor God and a time in which no one was required to work. The Hebrews were not enslaved. They had value and dignity as people created in the image of God, people through whom God declared that God did not want anyone enslaved. That observation of a day of rest set aside to allow not only for worship of God but renewal of all that is life giving has fallen away. There have been efforts to reclaim that. A tradition of sabbath -to take a rest and find renewal - is perhaps one of the most counter-cultural things we can advocate in a world of extreme busyness (and I know that is not only my life I am talking about!). 

So, I am off on vacation. I hope to find relaxation and refreshment, just as I hope that you all do in these last days of summer. When we come back, I pray that God will use our rest to renew our mission of love and service to those in and around the greater Jacksonville community.



Pastor Lynn