06/16 Pastor's Note Print
Friday, 03 June 2016 15:50



Dear friends:

I hope that June finds you well. We started summer this last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, with a Singing the Old Songs. We did that not only because it was a 5th Sunday and we try something a little different on those days but also, and primarily, one of the activities we tend to do more of in summer is go to concerts, which worship was closer to being than it often is. We may do that again on the last Sunday in August too.

Another thing we do is go to movies. This summer, Congregational UCC and guests will have the opportunity to go to the movies as well. Many Sundays we will use film clips to illustrate the theme of the day. We will also offer a showing of certain of the movies, either on Sunday afternoon or an evening.

In addition to many of us adapting to the slightly more relaxed rhythms of our culture during the summer, we are also in this time called Ordinary Time or Sundays after Pentecost in the church. We can take that amazing transformation of a bunch of scared followers of Jesus with that wherever we go or whatever we do, no matter how “Ordinary.”

The Spirit empowers us to live out the love that Jesus’ life and teachings embodied. We focus on the transformation that God offers to each of us individually and to our faith community and we focus on how we live that out to bring wholeness to our communities.

As you enjoy the Sabbath rhythm of summer, I encourage you to continue to live out Christ’s love to those you encounter and to think about how God may be calling us to serve Jacksonville. How can you, how can I, how can we touch people in community with God’s love? How can we work for a more just world for all people? What should our mission focus be? What stirs your heart?

I cannot wait to hear how you hear the call to something greater.

In God’s peace,

Pastor Lynn