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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:29



Dear friends,

Welcome to Spring! Welcome to the Easter season! Welcome to the chance to reboot or press reset!

I remember the first time I realized that hitting ctrl-alt-delete could solve a multitude of problems with the earlier versions of computers. Less than we are now, we were beginning to become more reliant on technology. Then as now, when your personal computer freezes, and you are in the midst of a document or spreadsheet or a even a game, and the screen freezes and nothing else worked, often including the save function, a simple reboot often saved the day.

A while later, I reconnected with a friend from junior high. His life journey had a number of twists and low places. He told me Ctrl – Alt – Delete was his life philosophy. I got John’s point. When we get stuck, sometimes we just need to shut down and restart. We might miss a few things, lose a few things, but there was a fresh start. We aren’t dead; we just start again, quite possibly in a little different  place then before.

Now there is a reset button on our modems, routers, etc. But it isn’t just electronics that needs a reset.  We all get run down; we all need fresh starts. I know even this morning I overreacted to something a son said. I was defensive. I was tired and stressed out about the week ahead and the work remaining and the travel that was going to take place regardless. That is a long way of saying I was stressed and didn’t even really know it until I heard myself taken something personally that wasn’t meant that way.

Breathe and reset.

I know I am not the only one who needs to step back sometimes and hit the reset. Somethings we can do is to find something that refreshes our spirits  and/or reconnects us to our better selves, our families, our friends, our community. Some people find spiritual disciplines such as prayer or meditation help. Ohters find walking in nature to refresh. Something as simple as stopping for a coffee, meeting up with a friend, petting a dog, all little things, help so much to refresh us.

Easter has a reset function, too. After all the heaviness of life, after all the angst of betrayal and denial and death of Holy Week and our Lenten journey through brokenness, what a relief that grace and God’s love provides. One of the beauties of Easter is the hope of new life. It’s the ultimate reset on our lives.

Wishing you God’s peace,

Pastor Lynn


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