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Monday, 03 October 2011 22:59


The basement restrooms are nearly complete. The fixtures, lighting, flooring are installed and the painting has been done. The stalls have arrived. The main floor restrooms will be the last part of the project.

The roof has been secured so there should be no leaking prior to the installation of the new sanctuary roof. The trench to route the sump pump water to the street has been completed.

The west vestibule, elevator shaft and stairwells are taking shape. Flooring and walls are framed and sheet rock is being installed. Representatives from the company constructing the stairs have inspected the area. The west vestibule wall needed quite a bit of work due to the condition of the plaster. Sheet rock has been placed on the worst portions of the wall to blend into the current plaster walled area.

The elevator and stairs are expected to arrive on October 10th. At that point most of the basic construction work will be complete, and finish work will be remaining. The door jams and door hardware have arrived; the doors are still on order. We are planning to be able to use the entryway for the Friends Fair in early November.

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