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Sunday, 23 October 2011 15:23

The basement restrooms are nearly complete. We have a problem with the toilets in that the tank is too tall to allow the grab bars to be installed properly. The contractor states that this problem will be fixed and the issue is with the manufacturer of the toilets. The Plumbing Company is aware of the problem. The fixtures, lighting, flooring are installed and the painting has been done. The stalls are partially installed. The main floor restrooms will be the last part of the project.

The elevator entryway with the elevator shaft and surrounding stairs are built and framed with subflooring. The walls have been dry walled where needed and primer is on some areas. For safety, scaffolding is used exclusively for the drywall installation and will be for all the painting. Several new doors have been hung. Trim reclaimed from the demolition is installed in some areas. We expect the stairs to arrive and installation begin on October 26th. The stairs are being manufactured in Jacksonville.

The new room off the parlor is primed, as is the new room on the top floor facing west.

There will be a delay with the elevator shipment. It was expected on October 10th. The elevator company representative stated he is supposed to receive a ship date confirmation next week. The hold-up is the elevator platform and sling assembly which is shipping from Europe. Right now, his best guess is that the equipment will be delivered to the site by mid November, but there is no confirmation at this time. Once everything is on site, he will need at least 3 weeks to install the elevator. So conservatively, we need to plan that the elevator will most likely not be in service until sometime in December, and it could be late December. It could also be sooner. The shipping confirmation date will be reported as soon it is known.

Our contractor and painter will delay some finish work until the elevator is installed to make sure there is no damage during construction. In spite of the delays the project is exciting and seeing it take shape is very interesting.

The latest on the new sanctuary roof is that the job will completed in November.

Sue Whitney,
Construction liaison

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