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Who We Are
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Monday, 03 October 2011 23:02


We are impassioned and dedicated Christian seekers on a Journey of Faith.

As we come to understand God's love for the whole of creation, we seek to establish justice and peace for all.

With our faith in God, we will be a vital witness to God's unconditional love in the world through worship, learning, and social action.

Nothing is more important than practicing God's radical and inclusive love.

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Monday, 03 October 2011 23:01


We are a people on a journey of faith. We trace the origins of our Christian way to Jesus of Nazareth, whose life and teachings have shown us the God whose love we trust. We derive guidance from the Scriptures, from those who have gone before us and those currently among us. We value insights from other philosophies. Jesus Christ, as God's son, has shown us our journey must include justice, courage, peace, freedom, tolerance, caring, joy, and enthusiasm. We have a dream for our church, centered on God's unconditional, inclusive, radial love. We envision living this dream: as a whole body, the Body of Christ, as a listening congregation believing that God is still speaking, as those who care about the just relationships around us, as an inclusive congregation, as an inquisitive and adventurous people, as those who care for all God's creation. This is our dream - to learn, to worship, to celebrate and to act, that we may live the love of God, show the life and meaning of Jesus and trust the Spirit to guide us on our journey of faith.


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